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Contact Us – Ente Malappuram

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Ananta Civil service Academy Scholarship Entrance Exam Notification

Most Respected Sir,
We are extremely delighted to inform you that Ananta Civil Service Academy and ICCS College of Engineering and Management are joining hands to make the dream of the biggest Civil Service Academy a reality in Kerala. As part of selecting the beneficiaries of this mega project Ananta Civil Service Academy is conducting an All Kerala based Scholarship Exam at Deva matha School, Thrissur on the 17th of September 2023 at 10:30 am. The total educational aid being provided through this programme comes to a tune of Rupees One Crore Ten Lakhs. We will be providing Civil Service coaching for the best performing 50 students from among those who have attended the scholarship exam. We are having an Academy functioning in an area of 15 acres with all the most modern amenities. Hundreds of students can attend their classes through a digital platform in the campus. The campus has facilities for accommodation, food, extensive online and offline reading and so on and so off. Graduates and Post Graduates are only eligible to writer the examination. 50 selected students from all over Kerala will get 100% scholarship (a student will get an educational aid to the tune of Rupees 2 Lakhs.)
We humbly do request the whole hearted co operation of your good self and Entea Malappuram as whole to ensure maximum participation in the Scholarship Examination.
🎯 Entrance Exam Details:
– Date: [17-09-2023]
– Time: [10.30AM]

📝 Application Process:
1. Visit our website at [].
2. Complete the scholarship application form.
3. Prepare thoroughly to secure your scholarship!

📅 Important Dates:
– Application Deadline: [15-09-2023]
– Entrance Exam: [17-09-2023]
– Scholarship Announcement: [20-08-2023]

📞 Contact Us:
Have questions? Reach out to our friendly team!
Phone: [8848066855]

Don’t miss out on this chance of a lifetime! Prepare with Ananta Academy and march confidently towards your UPSC aspirations. Remember, your future begins here. Apply now and seize your dream!

👇👇*Click below link for registration*👇👇👇

📝 പരീക്ഷാ വിവരങ്ങൾ
തീയതി: [17-09-2023]
സമയം: [10.30 am]
സ്ഥലം: ദേവമാതാ സ്‌കൂള്‍ ,തൃശ്ശൂർ

അപേക്ഷകൾ അയക്കുന്നതിന്.

1. വെബ്സൈറ്റ് സന്ദർശിക്കുക
2. സ്കോളർഷിപ്പ് പരീക്ഷയുടെ പരീക്ഷാ ഫോം ഫിൽ ചെയ്യുക
3. പരീക്ഷയ്ക്ക് തയ്യാറെടുക്കുക

📆 തീയതികൾ
അപേക്ഷ അയക്കേണ്ട അവസാന തീയതി: [15-09-2023]

പരീക്ഷാ ദിനം:

ഫോൺ നമ്പർ:

👇👇*Registration link*👇👇

Sender Name : Ananta Civil Service Academy

Sender Email :

Sender Phone : 8848066855

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